5 Skills You Need To Become A Freight Broker

While it may not be a career you are readily familiar with, working as a freight broker is an interesting and lucrative career path for those interested in logistics and supply chain management. It is the job of the freight broker to connect clients with freight that needs to be moved with carriers who can move it, whether it be via ship, rail, truck, or air. While some freight brokerage firms require a bachelor's degree in business, there are plenty of opportunities to receive freight broker training in-person at a trade school, through an apprenticeship, and even via online freight broker training courses for self-starters. [Read More]

Precautions To Take When Going Through Helicopter Flight Simulator Training

Advancements in flight simulator training have come so far and that affords helicopter pilot trainees a safe, yet authentic way to train with helicopters. If you're about to go through helicopter flight simulator training and want it to be nothing but positive, take these precautions.  Take Advantage of Difficult Flight Scenarios  As a helicopter pilot, you want to be ready for any type of circumstance that happens in the air. Even potentially dangerous situations should be worked on so that you can perform the appropriate emergency response maneuvers up in the air when it's necessary to. [Read More]

Thinking Of Donating Your Car? Know These 3 Things

If you are looking to get rid of your car and don't want to hassle with finding a buyer, a valid option is donating the car to charity. Before you decide to donate instead of sell, be aware of these 3 things. Donating Your Car Requires Itemizing Your Tax Return You must consider what your future tax return will look like for the year that you donated your car. This is because it may not be worth it to donate a car since your tax return will need to be itemized to include the car's value. [Read More]

Could A Montessori Education Help Your Shy Child Shine?

If your toddler or young child is very shy and reluctant to break routine and try new things, you may be concerned about ways you can build his or her self-esteem without forcing your child into situations that cause long-term emotional turmoil. Fortunately, there are a number of preschool and elementary education programs that are designed to appeal to a child's senses and encourage learning through play and collaboration. Read on to learn more about Montessori education and how this type of environment may help your shy child gain the self-esteem and independence he or she needs to shine. [Read More]