4 Jobs That Require A CDL License

If you've ever seen a question that asks about your CDL license on a job application, you might be wondering whether you actually need it. Not every employee has to pass the CDL test at their local Department of Motor Vehicles, but workers who regularly transport a large number of passengers generally need a commercial driver license. Employees who drive a heavy truck that weighs more than 26,000 pounds also need CDL training before they can get behind the wheel.

If you think you'd be a great fit for any of the 4 positions below, consider enrolling in commercial driver training before you apply:

School Bus Driver

The median wage for school bus drivers is $28,080 per year, and many drivers only work part time. If transporting children from their homes to an education facility sounds like fun, then you should start studying for a Class C license. A Class C license lets you legally transport more than 16 passengers at one time. In addition to passing the Class C test, you will probably have to take an additional test to receive your S endorsement. An S endorsement means that you have the state's permission to drive a school bus. 

Limo Driver

Annually, a limo driver can expect to earn around $26,730. Depending on state laws or the rules of your employer, you may also receive tips from the passengers you transport. Before you can drive a wedding party or group of prom-bound high school students around town, you must pass your Class C test. After you complete your CDL test, you will also need a P endorsement. Otherwise, you will be limited to driving less than 16 passengers at all times. 

Youth Group Van Driver

Some youth group drivers earn a salary, while others volunteer their time to the church. Regardless of whether you receive a paycheck or simply work because you enjoy it, you may need to obtain a CDL license. If you drive a small van with only a few passengers, you might only need a regular driver's license. If you pick up kids in a shuttle bus or transport at least 16 children in your van, you should take the CDL test designed for Class C drivers. You should also prepare for the exam required for P endorsement. 

Semi Truck Driver

Some truck drivers earn more than $100,000 per year. Before you can land this high-paying position, you must obtain a Class A and/or Class B license. Depending on the nature of the goods that you transport, you may also have to pass a few separate endorsement tests. Your employer will have you get an H endorsement if your carry around hazardous materials in the truck, as well as a T endorsement if you ever haul trailers when you're on the road.

In today's competitive job market, it's important that you have the skills you need for a specific position before you apply. Train for your commercial driver license on your own time so that you're ready to nail the test when it's time to take it.

If you have other questions or need more help, contact a company like Center For Transportation Safety with any questions or concerns you might have.